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What to Stay Away From When Preparing for the NCLEX
Nursing students; are you prepared for the NCLEX exam? If you are in the process of cramming make sure to stay away from these not so obvious items. read more
Are Traditional Nursing Classes Better Than Online Ones?
Today, nursing classes are available online or in a traditional classroom setting. But are traditional ones better suited for you? This article enumerates 4 advantages. read more
BSN as an Entry Level Requirement: Will this Improve Patient Care?
The question, will a BSN, as the entry level requirement to become a nurse, improve patient care has been debated for decades. Do you think it will? read more
4 Ways to Get Accepted in Nursing School
Have you decided to apply to a nursing school? Stay calm as you go through the application process. Consider these tips to increase your chances of being accepted. read more
5 Types of Professors You Will Have in Nursing School
Are you not sure what to expect when it comes to the professors you will experience in nursing school? This article may clear up some questions you have. read more
12 Things You Wish You'd Known Before Your First Clinical Day
Think your totally ready for your first clinicals? Think again! Make sure you review this list to see what's missing... read more
11 Ways to Pass Your NCLEX in One Attempt
As if the challenges faced during nursing school weren't enough, we now have to pass the NCLEX. Sail through the exam by following these simple rules. read more
7 Tips for Choosing the Best Nursing School for You
When it is time to think about what nursing school you should attend it is important to spend time researching your options. Here are 7 tips that will help. read more
What Nursing Programs Can't Teach You
You are a couple of months away from graduating from a wonderful nursing program and it has been a long road and an amazing feat to get this far. read more
3 Reasons Why Nursing Schools Discourage Working While Enrolled
Are you torn between working full time and attending classes? Well what if your nursing school didn't allow you to work, then what? read more

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