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SOAPIE: Effective Means to Good Nursing Documentation
The SOAPIE method for charting is still one of the most effective forms of nursing documentation out there. Refresh your knowledge of this method—read this. read more
What to Do When Your Nursing Program Loses Accreditation
Graduating from an accredited nursing program is the most important step towards becoming an RN. But what are you to do if the program loses accreditation? read more
Can Nursing Students Be Patient Advocates?
It's never too early to start being a patient advocate. As these nursing students show, you can start even when you're in school or at clinicals. read more
Tips to Ace the Nurse Licensure Exam and Get an RN License
Intimidated by the nurse licensure examination? Don't panic! Whether you're taking the NCLEX or another exam, these tips will surely help. read more
No Patient Education Handouts? Nurses, Take Notes!
There are times when we don't have the necessary patient education handouts to give away upon discharge. What's a nurse to do? Make notes! Here's how. read more
7 Funny Pieces of Advice Received in Nursing School
Ever wonder where the advice you received in nursing school came from? These hilarious statements can provide you with some comic relief to say the least. read more
How Education Can Help Nurses Adapt to Changing Healthcare
The struggle to keep up with the ever changing nursing profession is real. Find out what it takes to stay up to date and relevant in this industry today. read more
Defining Critical Thinking in Nursing Practice
There are numerous definitions of critical thinking in the nursing practice. Which one should we follow and how can it improve patient care? read more
A Look Back at a Successful Nursing Career From An Older Nurse
A personal and professional story of one nursing journey that will inspire you to do better and to be better. Lets all follow in Katie's footsteps. read more
Nursing School vs. Nursing in the Real World
Did you just graduate from college and working in your first real job? You aren't alone if you sometimes wish you were back in nursing school. Find out why. read more

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