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My Journey From the Military Life to Nursing Management
From an LPN to a MSN, Jeff is determined to continue his advanced education. What made it easier? The perfect fit between him and his nursing school. Read his story. read more
Nursing Shortage Is Subsiding: What Does It Mean for Your Career?
In a surprising reversal from the gloomy predictions we’ve been hearing about a catastrophic nursing shortage, it looks like the tide has turned. read more
The Life of a Nursing Student... in GIFs!
What is it like being a nursing student? Humor yourself with these realities we face almost every day of our life. read more
“Real” Patients Add Real Perspective to Nursing Students
Do real patients add real perspective to nursing students? That's what one nursing student sought out to find in a research study. Read her results here. read more
An Open Letter to All Nursing Students, From a Future Nursing Instructor
Nursing school can be overwhelming and frightening as you are not sure what to expect. This open letter from a fellow nursing student may help ease your pain. read more
The Future of Nursing Education: Clinical Simulation Labs
New innovations in the clinical lab are something we see growing each day in nursing school. How far will it actually go though? Find out here. read more
Learning Can Be Fun! 6 Unconventional Ways to Review for the NCLEX
You don't have to settle for reading books for your NCLEX review. There's several ways for nursing students to actually enjoy studying! Here are some ideas. read more
Should You Go Directly to Grad School for an MSN Degree?
With accelerated programs, more nurses opt to pursue an MS in nursing degree after graduation. But is it better to gain more experience instead? read more
Reading Roundup: 7 Recommended Books for Nurses
Stay relevant in nursing by keeping up to date with the newest and current books in the industry. Find out what's at the top of the list these days. read more
The Best Kind of Nursing Student From A Preceptors’ View
Do you wonder what is going through your preceptors head? His/her thoughts? We have insight into exactly what they expect from their nursing students. Read here. read more

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