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Secondhand Smoke and the Risks to Nurses' Health
Environmental tobacco smoke contains at least 250 harmful chemicals linked to lung cancer, heart disease. Are you doing your part to prevent secondhand smoke? read more
10 Things to Start Doing Today to Be a Healthier Nurse
A good portion of the population today finds themselves in a rut at some point. These 10 ways may help transform your lifestyle and become an even better nurse. read more
10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween On Your Nursing Shift
It is that time of year again, Halloween is only 8 days away. If you are stuck working the day or night shift these 10 ideas may help in celebrating! read more
10 Ways to Properly Maintain Your Nursing Uniform
With the right steps, any nursing uniform can last a long time, despite the wear and tear. Here are 10 tips for you. read more
6 Wellness Tips to Be a Better Nurse
Your wellness as a nurse is important too. These six effective tips can put you back on your own to-do list. How can you be better to yourself? read more
Financial Moves for Nurses Who Lost Their Jobs
Are you a nurse who just lost a job? Turn this crisis into an opportunity. Learn what financial moves you can take to get back on your feet. read more
8 Nursing Song Parodies That Are Actually Quite True
In those rare moments when nurses aren't busy, what do they do? They have fun...and create these videos of nursing song parodies. read more
Think Pink! How to Lower Your Risk for Breast Cancer
An estimated 40,000 women will die from breast cancer this year. What can nurses do to protect themselves and spread awareness of this disease? read more
What Could You Do with Increased Energy? 7 Truths for Nurses
Nurse have a lot to juggle that they tend to forget to focus on themselves. Find out how you can sustain higher energy and accomplish more in your life. read more
What Aging Nurses Should Know About Organic Skin Care Products
Do you consider aging some sort of a problem? Quit worrying, nurses! Find out where to get organic skin care products here. read more

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