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A Guide for Patients and Nurses to Manage Medications Properly
When taken out of your regular routine, it is easy to quickly forget about your medicine responsibilities. Here are a few tricks that could help you out. read more
7 Ways to Keep Nurses Strong Despite Physical and Emotional Demands
Nursing is demanding; physically and emotionally. We all know that! But how can we ensure we are taking care of ourselves and not just our patients? read more
Book Review: “Nursing From Within” By Elizabeth Scala
Have you covered all the basic nursing books and in search of a new one? Nursing From Within may just be the inspiration you need. Read the review here. read more
For Travel Nurses: 4 CrossFit Workout Moves That Don't Need Any Equipment
It is hard for many nurses to find the time to focus on a healthy lifestyle but these no equipment CrossFit workouts may help you get back into shape. read more
5 Tips for a Good Sleep After a Nursing Shift
With random shift schedules and everyday emotional traumas, no wonder nurses have sleeping issues! Watch this video for some tips on how to get proper rest. read more
5 Types of Tea That Can Improve Nurses Health
What is your go-to drink to keep you energized during a busy nursing shift? After you read the benefits of tea you may decide to push your cup of coffee to the side. read more
Using Nursing Humor to Stop the Sandwich Snatcher
Every nursing unit has one — a Sandwich Snatcher! Requesting for an Enhanced Lunch Security System to keep them away could be tough but humor may work. read more
Nurses Deserve to Be Happy! 4 Steps to Take When Life Goes Wrong
As a nurse, don't you feel that you're on an emotional roller coaster? It is important to find ways to stay grounded. Here are a few ideas. read more
6 Valentine's Day Gifts that Busy Nurses Actually Want
Wondering what you could possibly give busy nurses for Valentine's Day? Put those all-inclusive day getaways aside and use these gift ideas instead. read more
10 Tips for Nurses to Reduce Stress Related Cravings
Nursing is at the top of the list of highest stress levels in nurses. This can lead to bad lifestyle habits and poor eating choices. Try taking these tips seriously. read more

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