Brittany Holland

  • North Little Rock, AR

About Brittany

Brittany received her bachelor's degree in nursing in 2008 from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Before graduating, she did a six month internship in Labor and Delivery, which she loved, but eventually found her niche in the operating room. She was offered her first job as an RN circulator in the operating room at Arkansas Children's Hospital. She loved the job, but it had even more significance to her, as she was a patient at ACH as a child and was now working with some of the surgeons who had operated on her! While working at ACH, she mainly worked in otolaryngology and opthalmology surgery. She also is trained to operate multiple lasers used in the peri-operative setting. After four years at ACH, circumstances ended up leading her to a gastrointestinal surgery center where she worked in Pre-Op and Recovery, as well as functioning as an RN circulator for procedures. During her time at the gastrointestinal center, she discovered she loved working with adults as well. After ten months at the gastrointestinal center, she sustained a back injury that unfortunately took her out of patient care forever. She was devastated at first but didn't let it get her down. She is now focusing on something else she is passionate about: writing. She has contributed articles to this website as well as writing as a content contributor for Yahoo. After recovery from her back injury, her plan is to work as an RN in an office setting and eventually go back to school and earn a degree in graphic design.

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