James Blankenship

  • Charlotte, NC

About James

My name is Jim Blankenship, Registered Nurse and I have worked 20 years in Nursing with experience in Critical Care, Emergency Nursing; Cardiovascular, GI, and Interventional Radiology procedural areas. Leadership experience includes Charge Nurse, Manager and Director. In 1995, I earned my certification as a Registered Legal Nurse Consultant. I have led the design and implemented numerous programs at medical centers both as an employed Leader and as an independent consultant including Stemi Programs, Stoke Programs, Team Building and Employee Satisfaction improvement plans and was a key planner in two separate Electronic Medical Record projects. I also work as an Independent Consultant providing Compliance and Legal Nurse consulting to Nursing Homes and acute care facilities. Compliance consulting includes working with 30 plus facilities to help them achieve top compliance and become business leaders. In 2007 I earned two key credentials; Certification in Six Sigma for Healthcare and the LEAN certification in Healthcare. These two certifications coupled with my bedside and leadership experience gave me insights to the real problems facing Nursing and healthcare facilities. I have worked since with 30 plus facilities to improve their quality of care and profitability. My goal is to always to reduce Nursing frustrations while streamlining processes to improve patient care. All projects have been successful and proved efficient and effective for both Nursing and the facilities. My goal with NursEtAl Press publications is to further Nurses knowledge of how to be more successful in their professional careers, whether that be with a facility or as independent business owners…the principles are the same for your success. Knowledge truly is power. I hope you find the information concise and helpful to empower you to be the most successful Nurse possible. I look forward to emails with your questions, suggestions, and your success stories. Please feel free to email me at info@NursEtAl.com . Thank you. Please visit our website at www.NursEtAl.com to discuss issues and knowledge on our blog and see any new offerings. You may also subscribe to the site via RSS feed. Jim