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Only a nurse can truly understand another nurse.

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"Great post. I learn something new everyday!" - Julie Tortorice
"My students and I just wanted to send you a quick compliment on your page. It is a really great resource on nursing. As a student teacher, the students and I have really enjoyed it." - Aaliyah Phillips
"I'm a nursing student and I found your site when I was searching for nursing resources. You have some really great posts and resources on there that I found super helpful. So I just wanted to tell you, you have a great site!" - Nicole Jagger
"Thanks so much NurseTogether as we came to the end of year, you have enriched my life and I guess other nurses too. Your inspiring messages, encouraging thoughts, sharing have been what we all so much require. Not forgetting the updates have enriched my life." - Hannah Mwangi
"A very nice site for up and coming professionals to be! The more togetherness and team efforts the better. Do join in my friends. Help continue to elevate our professionalism." - Roberta Truesdale
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"Hey, just found you guys. So happy to be a member. Go Nurses!" - Woody Janie
"From only 1 article read on NurseTogether, I am convinced that this website will help me on my quest to find a workplace that prevents bullying from happening to valuable/compassionate and caring nurses!" - Megan Wagner
Nurse Together breaks down its site into three sections: lifestyle, education and career. Its occasional Facebook memes also make great shareable material for all your nursing peers. - Rasmussen College
This is a great area for colleagues to write and get encouragement and knowledge from. I will recommend! - Judy Robertson
Join together and we can drive healthcare policies. ADN, DIP, BSN, MSN, DNP, PHD - Doesn't matter because YOU ARE a NURSE. - Neecee_RN
I love receiving your e-mails. It really helps me during my internship. Thank you so much for those. They make me feel better and always remind me why I'm so happy to choose this profession! - Melissa Dorsainvil
I have really enjoyed the recent content in your career and educational sections at and the articles included in The Weekly Dose. - Calla Nelson
I stumbled across , and thought the content of your website was very informative. I especially liked how many resources you have made available for your website viewers. - Nancy Werner
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I have been following your site, and I think it's great! You have lots of quality information that’s fun to read - especially your post on the "5 Biggest Blunders Nurses Make in Their Career". Such a good read. :) - Ashlee
Just discovered this page as a Pre Nursing Honors Program student. Good job! - Themissx Show
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